Interview With Zeng Moushui

Zeng Moushui discusses his family’s encounters with hostile Kuomintang forces circa 1949.

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Born into a fishing family at Xiamen Port, Zeng Moushui shares how he was once captured by Kuomintang (KMT) forces while guarding his family’s fishing boat alone. At the time, KMT vessels barricaded the waters around Xiamen Port to ensure safe passage for themselves as they fled to Taiwan; and would force some civilian vessels to follow them. To avoid this fate, Zeng’s family went into hiding, and later like many of their peers, destroyed and sank their own fishing boat in an act of resistance. He explains that this was not an easy decision, as destroying the boat also destroyed their source of income. However, boat-dwelling communities were rehabilitated under the new government after the Chinese Civil War

  • Name of interviewee:曾谋水

  • Interview by:陈秀芹、周伊萍

  • Proofreader:陈永明、陈乙燊

  • Summary (English):At the end of the Liberation War, the defeated KMT prepared to flee to Taiwan. As a result, the KMT blocked the waters near Xiamen Harbor, preventing fishermen from going fishing in the sea, and forcing them to carry the KMT soldiers to Taiwan. The respondent was taken away by the KMT army at that time. Most of fishermen did not want to go to Taiwan. Some fishermen fled. Others had to destroy their fishing boats on which they depended for survival and sunk the boats into the sea. After the founding of Socialist China, the life of the fishermen gradually improved due to the increasing needs of the CPC in the Cold War and the Communist Collectivization Period.


  • Keywords:国民党;解放战争;台湾;渔民;新中国;疍民

  • Biographical info:曾某水,男,1930年出生,出生后不就就卖给厦门港疍民曾连水为儿。十岁左右在日本人开办的“万全小学”读了三年书,后随父亲出海捕鱼。抗战胜利后,跟随父亲在往来于厦门-台湾的商船干杂活。新中国成立以后,在厦门港捕鱼。后从厦门二轻局退休。

  • Geographical info:大学轮配料馆曾丽英家、厦门港南大埕曾宝珠家

  • Time period:2014年1月、2月

  • Source:厦门市社会科学界联合会:《口述史:厦门港记忆》,厦门:鹭江出版社,2014年。




Interviewer: Chen Yongming

Interviewee: Zeng Moushui

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Biographical info: Zeng Moushui, male, born in 1930, was sold to the boat-dweller Zeng Lianshui in Xiamen Port as a child not long after his birth. At the age of ten, he studied at the "Wanquan Primary School" run by the Japanese for three years, and then went fishing at sea with his father. After the victory of the war, he followed his father to do odd jobs in the merchant ships that traveled between Xiamen and Taiwan. After the founding of New China, he fished in Xiamen port. After that, he retired from the Xiamen Second Light Bureau. @Syahrul paste into metadata

  1.  What does the boat-dwelling communities’ willingness to destroy their boats to avoid following the Kuomintang to Taiwan suggest about the nature of the Cold War in the region?