Chinese Veterans in the Resist USA and Aid Laos Campaign

This collection introduces testimonies of Chinese soldiers who were dispatched to various Southeast Asian countries on secret goodwill missions in Cold War Asia.


These transcripts were interviewed by Cui Feng

Interview With Li Xilin

Li Xilin discusses his experience escorting a leader from the Communist Party of Thailand (CPT) from Laos to China for the People’s Republic of China’s National Day in the early 1970s.

Interview With Yang Qinghai

Yang Qinghai discusses his experience of being dispatched to Laos for military service by the People’s Liberation Army, between April 1972 and April 1974.

Interview With Wang Jianguo

Wang Jianguo discusses the dangers he encountered when he was dispatched to Laos to construct roads in the early 1970s.

Interview With Zhang Yulin

Zhang Yulin discusses his experience participating in an ambush mission while deployed in Laos in 1970.