Everyday Encounters with the Huks, 1942-1957

These transcripts tell us interviewers' childhood encounters with the Huks in the Philippines during the wartime and post-WWII periods. Each interview includes original (Tagalog) and English-translation transcripts, with an English summary and a set of discussion questions.


These transcripts were interviewed by Veronica Sison

Interview With Ricardo Tacsay

Ricardo Tacsay discusses his experiences during the Huk Rebellion and his changing views of the Huks before and after the Japanese Occupation

Interview With Cipriano Drapesa

Former 1LT Cipriano Drapesa in the Philippine Army recounts his military career in the early Cold War, and his political career after leaving the service. He discusses his training and various deployments both domestically and internationally across Asia until 1968.

Interview With Eulogio Villaflor

Eulogio Villaflor discusses his childhood encounters with the Hukbalahap and the Armed Forces of the Philippines units deployed to combat them in the 1940s-50s.

Interview With Bienvenida Daoang

Interview with Bening. Bienvenida Lim Dawang (Daoang), second world war veteran, wife of a second world war soldier, American immigrant (1954), resident of Dau, Pampanga during the 1950s.

Interview With Isabelita Basilio

Isabelita Basilio discusses her understanding of the Huk Rebellion in the 1950s, and its echoes in the present Duterte administration.

Interview With Pefecto & Gabriela Gabriel

Perfecto and Gabriela Gabriel discuss their experiences during the Japanese Occupation and the immediate postwar years in the Philippines, focusing on their encounters with the Hukbalahap.

Interview With Fortunato Padunan

Fortunato Padunan recounts his life growing up in Huklandia (Central Luzon) in the 1950s, the epicenter of Huk activity in the postwar Philippines

Interview With Child Witnesses of the Huks

In this group interview, Victoria Donato Paladan, Juliana Dionisio Paladan-Cusilit, Rufina Gabriel Paladan-Cusilit discuss the Huk Rebellion which occurred in their childhood in the 1940s and 1950s.

Interview With Major Maximo Young

Major Maximo Young discusses his military career during the Cold War, serving in the Korean War, suppressing the Huk Rebellion in the Philippines, and being deployed to the Vietnam War.