Everyday lives in the Colonial and Postcolonial Philippines

View the collection on transcripts about everyday lives in the Colonial and Postcolonial Philippines.


These transcripts were interviewed by Kisho Tsuchiya

Interview With Jemina Sacro

Jemina Sacro discusses the various struggles she overcame to provide for her family in the Philippines.

Interview With Moises Tan Querol

Moises Tan Querol discusses his experiences during World War II, his term as a Prisoner of War, the suppression of the Hukbalahap, his service in the armed forces in Luzon and in the Korean War, and his career in the Philippine Packing Corporation after leaving the military.

Interview With Rosa Gumayao

Rosa Gumayao discusses her childhood and early exit from school, her difficult arranged marriage, religious conversion, and her career.

Interview With Ramon Ramirez

Ramon Ramirez discusses his views of the Cold War as an intellectual current in his early life in the Philippines from the 1950s.

Interview With Dr Elmer Ordonez

Dr Elmer Ordonez recounts his experiences during the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines.

Interview With Leo Abroguiena

Leo Abroguiena discusses his difficult childhood, life during the Japanese Occupation, and his career and marriages in the postwar Philippines.

Interview With Perserveranda Torres Torralba

Perseveranda Torres Torralba discusses her experiences growing up, how it helped her to become the person she is today, and how she wants to teach this experience to future generations.

Interview With Rosallinda Marquilla

Rosallinda Marquilla discusses the various hardships she endured from childhood to adulthood.

Interview With Vincente Lava III

Vincente Lava III discusses his family’s experiences during the Cold War in light of their history of involvement with the Communist Party of the Philippines.

Interview With Monlit Uichanco

Monlit Uichanco describes his experiences as a distant observer of the Cold War.

Interview With Leonila

Leonila discusses her early life, how her education was disrupted by her mother’s enforcement of traditional gender norms, and how she later built her own career and family, making different choices for her children.

Interview With Remedios Natad

Remedios Natad discusses growing up amidst hardship in the mid-20th century Philippines, especially her struggles in finding stable employment under the Japanese Occupation, which continued even postwar due to her lack of education.

Interview With Roy Caruz

Roy Caruz discusses his homosexuality, drug abuse, and relationships from the 1950s to present day in the Philippines

Interview Wth Serenidad Lingayo Lat

Serenidad Lingayo Lat discusses her experiences during WWII and the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines