Overseas Chinese Returnees in Cold War China

This collection provides a glimpse of the various culture-shocks experienced by the overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia when they returned to mainland China during the Cold War.


These transcripts were interviewed by Chen Yishen

Interview With Wang Lili

Wang Lili discusses her family’s early life in Guangzhou, as well as her struggles while adapting to life on a Chinese farm during the Cultural Revolution.

Interview With Huang Fulong

Huang Fulong discusses how Indonesia’s exclusion policy towards the Chinese brought his family back to China, and how he experienced life on a communal farm during the Cultural Revolution and its immediate aftermath.

Interview With Francis Cham

Francis Cham discusses his experiences settling into and living in post-World War II China, Singapore, and Taiwan, between the 1940s and the 1960s.

Interview With Lee Sing Tiong

Lee Sing Tiong discusses his student days in Singapore and Taiwan during the Cold War, his understanding of political theory and the global events of the time, and the contrasting developmental paths of Taiwan and Mainland China.

Interview With Huang Bingrui

Huang Bingrui discusses his life in Indonesia and China during the Cold War.

Interview With Chin Kah Chong

Chin Kah Chong discusses how he turned anti-communist from a young age, how he started his career by working for a Kuomintang (KMT) party newspaper in Singapore, as well as how he felt about various pro-KMT organizations based in Singapore.

Interview With Huang Zhiping

Huang Zhiping discusses his family’s life in Vietnam and their return to China in 1979, fleeing Chinese exclusion in Vietnam.

Interview With Huo Yunyuan

Hou Yunyuan discusses his experiences as a returning Overseas Chinese from Indonesia from the 1960s to the early 21st century.

Interview With Chen Jiqing

Chen Jiqing discusses his family’s return to China from Indonesia fleeing persecution in the 1960s, and shares his views on the Cultural Revolution in China