Religion and the Cold War in the Philippines

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These transcripts were interviewed by Kisho Tsuchiya

Interview With Amerah

Amerah discusses her life as a Muslim woman in Christian majority Cagayan de Oro, beginning with her parents’ early life, and later her experiences of enduring a forced child marriage, marital rape, and how her own daughter narrowly escaped the same fate.

Interview With Marina Ybanez Tapang

Marina Ybanez Tapang discusses her early life in Cagayan de Oro City, her experiences in the smuggling trade, the conflict between ILAGA and Muslims in Mindanao, as well as her marriage and faith.

Interview With Reynaldo Dejaro

Dejaro discusses his experiences of childhood abuse by his father, the social situations in Davao (religious friction between Christians and Muslims, youth gangs, student activism, etc.), the city’s situation right after President Marcos’ declaration of Martial Law, and his career as a musician.

Interview With Emma Sisles

Emma Sisles shared her experiences of migration from Negros to Mindanao and within Mindanao, her experiences with the government’s resettlement program, her marriage, and the use of occult practices to keep oneself safe amidst conflict.

Interview With Monica Portugal

Monica Portugal discusses the conflict between Muslim and Christian groups in Mindanao, her experiences living undr Martial Law as well as her involvement in the smuggling trade in the Philippines.

Interview With Sita Galorport

Sita Galorport discusses how her life trajectory was disrupted after her parents left them, having to raise her own children and her siblings; as well as her experiences watching the killings by ILAGA in Mindanao.

Interview With Leo Mabaquiao

Leo discusses his school life, having both Christian and Muslim classmates, his career as a salesman, as well as his family members’ connections to the police, student activism, and ILAGA (the Christian militia group).

Interview With Ramon Maglasang

Ramon Maglasang discusses his childhood experiences during World War II, his career in goods transportation in several places, conflicts in Wao and Zamboanga, and his experience as a labor unionist at a warehouse in Cagayan De Oro.