Vietnamese Culture and Nationalism

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These transcripts were interviewed by Tini

Interview with Mrs. Dao Thu

Ninh Binh native Mrs. Dao Thu recounts her experiences of life during the Vietnam War and the early postwar years.

Interview with Mr Khan

Mr Khan recalls his teenage years in an agricultural commune; as well as his conscription for the Vietnam War.

Interview With Duong

Duong discusses her brief experiences of the Vietnam War in her childhood, and her more liberal upbringing, which has shaped her understanding of the conflict in her later life, as she was too young to participate in the war effort.

Interview With Ba Nguyen

Ba Nguyen recalls life during the Vietnam War, discussing how her father served as a spy for the communists during French rule, which made her family comparatively more affluent, such that she was able to pursue her education and later serve as an administrator for a government garment factory, unlike most of her female peers.

Interview with Mrs. Hoang Mai

Mrs. Hoang Mai recalls her years as a student prior to the Vietnam War, and how the war altered her education and career pathway.

Interview with Ba Quyen

Ba Quyen recalls his early involvement in the Communist movement of Vietnam, beginning as a Youth Leader at the level of his commune, and later as a Vietcong Special Forces operator during the Vietnam War.

Interview With Ba Tran

Ba Tran briefly recalls his life as a student before the war, and discusses his military career as a conscript in the North Vietnamese forces.

Interview With Mrs. Duzungda

Mrs Duzungda recalls a diverse range of her wartime experiences in North Vietnam. She briefly mentions her family having owned land in her early childhood in her rural hometown, before they moved to Hanoi.

Interview with Grandma Truyet

Ba X recalls her transition into adulthood in the midst of the Second Indochina War. Her recollections reveal a narrative of the total mobilization of Vietnamese society on all levels to support the war effort. She reflects on a diverse range of her experiences, as a student, working civilian adult, and as a volunteer in the local militia forces, all of which were inextricably linked to her country’s experience of war.

Interview With Nhung

Nhung recalls his early life as a student, and his long career in construction, both during and long after the Vietnam War.

Interview With Dung

Dung recalls her wartime experiences through her unique positionality of having been a very young child during the war years.

Interview With Linh Chi

Linh Chi recounts her experiences in both Indochina Wars against the French and South Vietnamese/American forces