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View our list of collections that we have been archiving over the past few years

1965-66 Indonesian Massacres

This collection introduces recounts by local Indonesians–both victims and perpetrators–of massacres in the aftermath the Sept 30 Incident. Their experiences provide a localised view of on-the-ground forces that coalesced to shape a traumatic period in Indonesian history.

Everyday lives in the Colonial and Postcolonial Philippines

View the collection on transcripts about everyday lives in the Colonial and Postcolonial Philippines.

Indigenous Taiwanese Lives in Colonial and Cold War Taiwan

This collection offers insight on how indigenous tribespeople on Taiwan experienced both Japanese and Chinese Kuomintang rule across the 20th century.

Muslim Secessionist Movement in the Philippines

This collection introduces various on-the-ground testimonies on how conflict between the Moro National Liberation Front and the Philippine government culminated in the outbreak of the Battle of Jolo in 1974.

Reconsidering the Naxalite Movement in Kerala, India

These transcripts include interviews with former Naxalite members and leaders, as well as other leftist activists. Many of their stories touch on historically deep-rooted conflicts between the Jenmis (landed aristocracy) and lower-caste Adivasi (indigenous tribal) communities.

Vietnamese Culture and Nationalism

View the collection of transcripts about Vietnamese Culture and Nationalism

Chinese Veterans in the Resist USA and Aid Laos Campaign

This collection introduces testimonies of Chinese soldiers who were dispatched to various Southeast Asian countries on secret goodwill missions in Cold War Asia.

Exploring Leftist Activism in Northern Thailand

This collection introduces personal experiences of leftist activism in northern Thailand in the 1970s. It explores topics such as student movement, teachers' association, and political violence, reexamining what leftist activism meant for them.

Khmer Rouge and Its Legacies

View the collection of transcripts about the Khmer Rouge and Its Legacies

Overseas Chinese Returnees in Cold War China

This collection provides a glimpse of the various culture-shocks experienced by the overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia when they returned to mainland China during the Cold War.

Religion and the Cold War in the Philippines

View the collection of transcripts about Religion and the Cold War in the Philippines.

Zainichi Koreans' Lives in Japan and Two Koreas

The collection introduces interviewees' early lives in Japan, return to North Korea, and defection to South Korea. They discuss how they grew up in Japan, how they went back to North Korea, and what they faced and how they were viewed there.

Everyday Encounters with the Huks, 1942-1957

These transcripts tell us interviewers' childhood encounters with the Huks in the Philippines during the wartime and post-WWII periods. Each interview includes original (Tagalog) and English-translation transcripts, with an English summary and a set of discussion questions.

Fishermen's Lives across the Taiwan Strait

This collection introduces recollections by Chinese fishermen who frequently sailed across the Taiwan Strait at the height of the Cold War. Their experiences offer a microscopic view of how ordinary people maneuvered rivalries between the two Chinas as a way to safeguard their livelihoods.

Living under Martial Law in the Philippines

View the collection of transcripts on living under Martial Law in the Philippines.

Reconsidering the Malaysian Left and Labor, 1960s-1970s

View the collection of transcripts about the Malaysian Left and Labor in the 1960s-1970s.

Singapore and the Cold War

View the collection of transcripts about Singapore and the Cold War.