Indigenous Taiwanese Lives in Colonial and Cold War Taiwan

This collection offers insight on how indigenous tribespeople on Taiwan experienced both Japanese and Chinese Kuomintang rule across the 20th century.


These transcripts were interviewed by Megumi Hagiwara

Interview With Yang Huohui

Yang Huohui discusses his experiences in Japanese-occupied Taiwan and under the postwar Kuomintang government, discussing how he overcame poverty and served in the military in the Battle of Kinmen in 1958.

Interview With Akino Sakichi

Akino Sakichi discusses his experiences in Taiwan under Japanese colonial rule and later the Kuomintang government, under which he served as a teacher and was wrongfully arrested as a suspected communist sympathizer.

Interview With Matsuyama Harumi

Matsuyama Harumi discusses her experiences in Taiwan under the Kuomintang government, which she eventually worked for, even though the authorities once wrongfully arrested her father in her childhood.

First Interview With Buten Tai Wan

In this 1st interview Buten Tai Wan briefly discusses his early life and military career in Cold War Taiwan.

Second Interview With Buten Tai Wan

In this second interview Buten Tai Wan elaborates in greater detail about his early life and military career in Cold War Taiwan.

Interview With H. Akiko

Akiko recounts her experience growing up as an indigenous tribesperson in Japanese-occupied Taiwan, her laborious yet fulfilling job in the Kuomintang-established Cultural Working Group, as well as her perceptions on various political forces on the island.